Why GFCI’S By Bender


Simply Experience!

Lifeguard GFCI’s are backed by Bender who has been a  market leader for over 65 years in providing electrical safety equipment to industries worldwide. Bender’s wide portfolio of cutting-edge products ensures that people, equipment, and facilities worldwide are protected  with the latest in electrical safety technology. Bender’s portfolio of electrical safety solutions focus on a wide range of industries, from mainstay industries such as hospitals, mining, and manufacturing, to newly developed industries such as solar, wind, and electric vehicles. Ongoing research and development in virtually all industries ensures that no matter the application, you can count on BENDER to be your partner in electrical safety.

Modern production equipment depends on electricity, which inherently adds the potential danger of electric shock whenever personnel come in close contact with these electrical devices, especially in or around water. The main reason for the potential hazard is a ground fault or the presence of ground leakage current. This condition exists when current flows unintentionally between an active conductor and ground. The danger becomes apparent when a person either touches an active conductor or comes in contact with voltage carrying exposed conductive parts or liquids due to an internal ground fault.

Bender comes to  Hollywood
When Bender was approached by technicians on the set of Titanic regarding how to protect the Cast and Crew……(More Here)

  • Lifeguard GFCIs by Bender are the worlds most reliable when working with lighting, fountains, pumps, variable frequency drives, and more.
  • Bender has engineered high amperage GFCI like the LG250, LG 400, and LG800 to meet the same standards normally only associated with “Class A” personnel protection.
  • Advanced features such as an inverse trip time curve (See Below), noise filtering, ensure that your circuits are protected without the problems associated with nuisance tripping. Digital displays that give the user real time feed back on the condition of the circuit!
  • Bender is dedicated to electrical safety and continues to improve each product by working with customers and learning about the applications they need and the problems that need solutions.
  • Bender’s worldwide presence in over 60 countries and 6 continents assures you that no matter where you are or what the circumstance Bender has the network to provide you help!