2400 amps (800 per phase)


120, 208, 240, or 480 V (w or w/o neutral)

Trip Point

Adjustable (set at 30mA)


Custom stainless steel on custom rolling cart


Panel mount camlock style


The LG800 is the largest GFCI in the business! With a total capacity of a whopping 2400 amps (800amps a leg) it is the perfect tool to protect those 9, 12 or 14 piece 4/0 runs. Larger GFCIs like this are classified as equipment protection. However, Bender was able to utilize the same technology incorporated in the smaller "Class A" devices into a large GFCI like this. With this unit being so large and because accumulative current leakage stacks up, we have giving the user the ability to define the trip level. This way, the LG800 is the ultimate tool for protecting large cable runs. The user will be able to see what the current leakage is by monitoring the percentage meter. For example; if the unit it set for a 50 mA for a test of the system you will see how much leakage current leakage exist on you system by monitoring the meter. If for instance the meter reads 50 % and all the smaller GFCI on branch circuits have a nominal level then you know that you can adjust the trip setting to protect you cable runs accordingly.